The Camera, the Photographer, and the Subject

Why do people find models interesting? Personally, I don't believe it's because they appear more attractive than the rest of us. Often, that's the result of high-end retouching. The perfection of beauty is a myth.

I find models interesting because of their ability to put themselves in front of the camera: they're comfortable in their skin. Now, unlike a decade or two a go, we have plus size models and regular sized models, models with gapped teeth, models with Down Syndrome, models of varying heights, and models with many other characteristics like the rest we mortals who will never be on the cover of Vogue

To paraphrase model, writer, and producer Tyra Banks, if you can walk down a runway wearing next to nothing, what can't you do?

What can we learn from models? We can learn to be comfortable and confident in our skin. So comfortable, that as the subject of a photo, you know that no matter the pose, the setting, or the lighting the photographer provides, you look great.