HeadShots: Professional & Social Portraits

HeadShot: A Professional Profile Image or Portrait


HeadShotNJ provides headshot services for individuals, businesses, and corporations in a range of professions from healthcare professionals,  attorneys, and entrepreneurs to entertainers, actors, and athletes. Headshots are also used in professional and online services from digital resumes to social networks and dating sites. HeadshotNJ offers the following services:


Simple Session: Come in photo ready, dressed and set to go. In 30 minutes or less you’re done. You’ll receive 2 professionally retouched digital images of one look/one outfit. This session is ideal for professionals or anyone looking for a quality digital image for LinkedIn, social media, a digital resume, or a better online presence. Your image will be captured on a white background. You’ll see your images at the end of the session and you’ll select your 2 favorites for retouching. In 48 hours you’ll receive your images by digital delivery.


On-Site Corporate Headshots/Environmental Portraits: On-Site Corporate Headshots and Environmental Portraits are taken in your space: office, institution, park, gym, studio, or facility, bringing photography services to your workplace. These photos tell your clients about you and your work environment from law offices to restaurants, rehearsal and art studios, and construction sites. Cost for travel and expenses, if needed, will be added to the final fee. A make-up artist will be available on site if desired at an additional cost. At the end of the session you’ll select a total of 3 favorites images for professional retouching. Your images will be delivery to you electronically in 7 days.


Pro Session: The Pro Session is for the professional in need of several different looks. This in-studio session may take between 1 and 4 hours with unlimited wardrobe changes within allotted time. Outdoors locations are included if desired. 10-20 images per look are provided via an online proofing gallery. You’ll select a total of 10 favorites from the gallery for professional retouching with digital delivery in 7 days.  


Organizational or Corporate Headshots: On-Site Corporate/Environmental Headshots are for several employees in offices, institutions, facilities, outdoor work facilities, etc. These photos tell your clients about you, your company, and your employees from dental and medical offices to restaurants to rehearsal studios to construction sites. Each employee is photographed in their work environment or on a background based on corporate request. Each employee chooses 2 of their favorite images for professional retouching. Final images will be delivered to executive personnel by digital download. A professional make-up artist (MUA) will be available if desired at an additional cost. 

Student Session: Student Sessions are 30 minute photo sessions for the undergraduate college student or high school senior in need of a professional headshot for job interviews, LinkedIn profile, or a professional online presence. This session’s special pricing is available with college ID or proof of current enrollment. Your images will be captured on a white background. You then choose your 2 favorite photos at the end of your session for digital retouching. Final images are delivered in 48 hours. 

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