1. How long does a headshot session take?

Simple headshots, the most popular product, can take as little as 30 minutes. This is because everything is set up before you arrive. If you arrive photo ready, we just need a few test shots for lighting and we can get started. If you’ve added a makeup artist to your session, obviously the session will then run longer.

2. What’s the difference between the On-Site Session and the Organizational Headshots?

On-Site sessions focus on one individual. For example, a physician in his office or a musician practicing on stage. Organizational headshots are for the entire company, office, or organization. For example, the physician among with the nurses, administrative staff, and technicians.

3. How long before images are returned?

Images are returned depending on the type of session purchased. Please click on this link to see the number of days for digital delivery of images.

4. Do I have to sign a contract?

Yes. Since this is a business transaction, a contract is required stating the exchange of services for fee. In addition, a release is required assuring your rights as the subject of the photos and my rights as the photographer.

5. Do you take headshots of children?

Yes. I take professional headshots for children from ages 8 to 17. All children younger than 18 must be accompanied by a parent or legal guardian.

6. Can I bring someone with me to the session.

Of course. Just let me know in advance so that I can provide proper accommodations. I encourage people to bring someone with them so that they are more comfortable and to help them relax.

7. I hate getting my photo taken.

I know. So do I, but when your photo is taken with the right light in the right position, you’re guaranteed a good photo of yourself that you would like and be proud to say, “That’s me!”

8. What if I want a print?

Prints are provided upon request. Please keep in mind that prints will take additional time beyond listed digital delivery.

9. Can I choose the photos I want retouched?

Yes. In most cases you will see your photos before the end of the session and you will choose the ones you like best per the package you’ve chosen; however, there may be times when something goes unnoticed during the session and may only be seen afterwards. if this affects the quality of the photo you’ve chosen, you will be informed and another selection will be made.

10. What should I wear to the session?

If you are having a Simple Session, On-site Session, or Organizational Headshots, your’re free to wear almost anything but here are some helpful suggestions:

  • Wear solid colors

  • Wear clothing that is comfortable

  • Avoid clothing that is too tight or too loose

  • Avoid a hair style that covers the face

  • Avoid jewelry that distracts from the face

  • Wear flattering makeup appropriate for the purpose of your headshots

  • Avoid competing features. In other words, if your makeup emphasizes eyes, avoid also emphasizing lips.

  • Get a good nights sleep the night before you’re scheduled to take you headshots.

11. How far ahead can I book a session?

You’re able to book a session weeks a head of time however please wait for me to confirm the ate you’ve chosen. If you are booking a session other than a simple session, the total fee provided on the booking site may differ based on travel expenses and equipment necessary for the session.

12. What is your cancellation policy?

You may cancel up to 24 hours ahead of your scheduled session and receive a full refund. Should you need to cancel the day of the session, your fee will will not be returned but can be applied to a rescheduled session.

13. In what format will my headshots be delivered.

You will receive both hi-resolution and lo-resolution formats of your images. The lo-res images are best for online use as they load quickly.

14. Do you offer discounts?

No. The prices quoted are not discounted; however, I offer gift cards that maybe purchased by friends or family in gifted to you for your headshots.

15. What if I do not like my final headshots?

You will see your headshots before the end of the session allowing you to choose your desired photo. IT is therefore unlikely that you will not like the final image or images delivered to you. If there is a problem with retouching, the work can be revised to your liking; however, only 2 revisions are available without additional cost.

16. What if I need to change the date or time of my session?

No problem. Simply call or text 973-860-8142 so we can make other arrangements. You will receive a new confirmation notice reflecting the changes.

17. Will my photos be private?

Your photos will not be published on my website if you indicate this preference on the release.

18. Are you available on weekends?